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[Unwritten Bio]
But this guy should write a LOT more in this Journal instead of just sometimes in his dA..
But I'm thinking of actually Starting one as a new journal. I could need to make a new starting point in life, for getting rid of many not good and problematic things in my past and present.. To start living life more as how I've wished for before and would have needed.
My life can be a bit of a mess, not quite being sure of things, but else I've been partly knowing for years 'Who I am and want to be' - What feels right for me and keeps me going.

I am a Male, 18 year old guy from and in Sweden.
I sort of consider myself 50% out and 50% in-person. - Like to be out in nature about as much as inside at home
I'm AKA "GamerFox" and "ForestFox". ... Not very creative names <.< but I at least got some.
My main interests are Photography, nature, computers, wildlife, art and so on.
I currently go at my second year in 'upper-secondary' school . Hoping to get a nice and good job in the future for realizing my Dreams... And have a good life.

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