Start writing here, for real.

I should start write some entries here, which I haven't done for over a year now and finally start "blogging" for real. Sometimes I get up with things I want to write about, maybe rant about a few things, happenings in my life in a perhaps more detailed (several times) and better form than what I do at my deviantArt account.

I don't really know why I haven't written anything here for such long time but written a lot in my dA-site... Meh.. But there might come some new stuff here lately, some photos to (mostly of things that I felt for showing and etc)
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Father's birthday + Cat talk.

Today my father has gotten 59 years old, quite old for an average dad-age for a 16 year old, but my bigbrothers are close to the 30-line so well.

My father got three Cats, one still young (that is daughter to the older) and one anti-social cat he had to take care off..
He used to have an other cat that was his only, real own cat, too bad that she died cause of dangerous traffic some years ago... she was the mother to my cat Julius.
But his adult cat Lizzy/Lissy got her second litter on this may, on the exact same date as it was last year.. and her daughter "little" (she dont really got a real name, yet) got her kittens about two weeks ago, they have already starting to open their eyes.

Well my home cats are the female black-white Maja and male grey-white Julius (which are born in May and July 2001)
Maja are small and quite sensitive but very pretty, proper and quite intelligent.
Julius are pretty big and strong, a bit selfish of himself but great lap-cat, he got some malfunctions on his face due to a "car" "accident" that happent spring last year.. his eye cant really get closed, his ear is hard to move, and he got a half fang-tooth...

Today we got the playcrazy kittens to test to be here for a while, Julius first got a bit angry but then afraid, Maja got like out of her mind and confused and pissed off.. she were in sisters room alone and snarled a lot (why can't she even stand some little kids?) she hissed several times outside just cause of unknown smells.. but she may forgot and get over this soon.

Well this was about all I could say about my cats.

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Well, life is like both up and down, soo many things have happent since my last post altough not so much on the same time...

I seriously need to start to write more here, there is much I can write about...
I can write more and be more social here too, its better then having it on my art site at deviantArt..